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Huey Lewis and the News: The Holy Trinity and “The Power of Love”

August 9, 2022

Garrick Bailey and Timothy Paul Jones have already devoted one entire episode of this podcast to love. That was when they discussed Foreigner’s 1984 hit “I Want to Know What Love Is.” 

But Garrick and Timothy are far too full of love to fit all of their feelings about love into a single episode. 

That’s why they’re joining forces with Huey Lewis to talk about love again in this special Three Chords and the Truth episode of The Apologetics Podcast.

Along the way, the dynamic duo discusses the history of Huey Lewis and the News, Augustine of Hippo, the Trinity, and the widespread contemporary declaration that “love is love.” 

In the end, they discover that, unless the nature of God defines love, “love” distorts something good that God designed for our joy and for his glory. Also, “American Express” was probably a better name for Huey Lewis’ band than “the News.” If only they had spelled it as “Ämërïcän Ëxprëss,” they might have been successful in keeping their original name as well as avoiding being sued by the credit-card company of the same name.

In this installment of “Behind the Covers,” Garrick and Timothy take a look at a song that was popularized on the Grand Funk Railroad album “All the Girls in the World Beware!!!,” in which Grand Funk Railroad outdid Van Halen’s song “Everybody Wants Some!!” by adding three exclamation points instead of stopping at a mere two. If only they had added umlauts as well, the title would have been perfect. The cover song this time is “Some Kind of Wonderful,” and your intrepid cohosts agree that Rod Stewart’s cover version isn’t wonderful at all.


Timothy Paul Jones, Ph.D., is C. Edwin Gheens Professor of Christian Ministry at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He teaches in the areas of family ministry and applied apologetics. He has authored or edited more than a dozen books, including Why Should I Trust the Bible?The God Who Goes Before You, Perspectives on Family Ministry, and Christian History Made Easy. Follow Dr. Jones at @DrTimothyPJones.

Garrick Bailey is a Ph.D. student in systematic theology at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, studying Herman Bavinck and Roman Catholicism under the supervision of Gregg Allison.


Some Kind of Wonderful (Soul Brothers Six, 1967)

Some King of Wonderful (Grand Funk Railroad, 1974)

Some Kind of Wonderful (Huey Lewis & The News, 1994)

Some Kind of Wonderful (Rod Stewart, 2021)

Some Kind of Wonderful (Little Milton, 1999)

Some Kind of Wonderful (Joss Stone, 2003)

Some Kind of Wonderful (Mark Farner, 1992)

The Power of Love (Huey Lewis & The News, 1985)

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